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About Me

How do you want to show yourself to the world?

I'm Blanca Madrigal and I can't wait to learn about you! I specialize in portraits, family, and event photography. It is my passion to capture incredible moments of you, your family and/or your business. Let's connect!

Thanks to my photographic experience and relational skills, I make authentic/original photographs that will enable clients to better tell their story and to express themselves, putting forth the persona they want to show to the world.

I aim to make images of Life as it Happens! Life is not the one we lived but the one we remember, and how we remember it to tell it. My goal is to capture moments and memories so that clients may remember them better, or at least so that they can help tell their story, passing it on to future generations. The ultimate goal would be to contribute to the happiness of people, thus adding to their positive attitudes and increasing  their contributions to make the world a better place. One can only dream.

I am Mexican American, a mother of two energetic and determined kids, wife to a French man, citizen of the world.  Born in the United States, I have lived in Mexico, Paris France, Seoul South Korea, and now Brussels Belgium.  I speak English, Spanish, French, and I'm now learning Flemish.